...Northwest Travels.... 

Here's a picture of the caravan we are traveling in this summer...
For parking purposes, the vans are actually switched around at this campground, but we pull the trailer with the gray van.
Almost to Weiser, ID which means the long drive is nearly over! We left Arizona on a Thursday morning, drove 1160  miles, stopped to play 2 gigs, and arrived Sunday afternoon. It was 113 when we left Phoenix, and temps hovered right around 100 and above for the first 2 weeks we were in the Northwest!
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Trip To Austin 

Last week, Andrew and I took our first load of stuff out to Austin. We spent 4 days visiting the musical hotspots, and enjoying all the delicious food that Austin has to offer (well, it felt like all the food!) Here we are with nearly all of our worldly goods in the U-Haul, getting ready to go unload it. We look exhausted from the long drive-960 miles from Phoenix!

Had a super fun evening of good food, friends and of course, music at Hondo's on Main in Fredericksburg.
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Zack and the lap steel saga 

Zack is getting to be a pretty skilled lap steel player. He has had some lessons and tips from Chris Kennison, the steel player in residence at the Arizona Opry. Chris is a lap and pedal steel whiz, and is on the board of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar Association. He is also quite the historian, and has so much knowledge of all the greats that have come before us. We are so lucky to get to learn from these fabulous musicians we are surrounded with!

Chris built the lap steel that Zack is playing now. 

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Musical Instrument Museum 

Almost 3 years after coming back to Arizona, we finally got to visit the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. This place is so cool! Aaron Castilla was down here visiting from Spokane, so we had an excuse to finally do it.Jake REALLY wanted to climb on that little stool and give this thing a try!
NOOOO, Brandon, not the banjo!! :)
At least all of Brandon's fans were there.

We had to get a picture in front of the String Band exhibit.
It's a little fuzzy, but doesn't she make an angelic harpist?

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Throwback Time 

Cleaning out my inbox today, and found this link. Here's what we were doing in October 2012- camping out in the spectacular fall weather found only in the Ozarks of Northern Arkansas, playing music at a tiny theater in the next town and on the streets in Eureka Springs, relaxing after a few long weeks of traveling, and  gearing up for the next phase of our trip.
Fun memories!


Lizard Head Pass in Colorado

Brandon bussing tables